Tied into a knot on a tree, and neatly twisted into a loop of death, wire snaring has become one of the most rampant poaching methods in Africa for wildlife today.

Poachers have been caught having laid up to 300 wire snares along the embankments of rivers- trapping entire herds of zebra, wildebeest and impala. Within minutes, the animals are slaughtered, skinned and loaded onto waiting lorries and motorbikes to be ferried to the nearest local markets.

The bigger concern for us, however, is that these wire snares don’t only catch plains game. They severely maim and kill indiscriminately- and that includes endangered species.

Today, dozens of elephants roam the savannah with severed trunks and slit ears due to wire snares. Countless big cats have had to be put down due to wire snare injuries being too severe to treat, and even some rangers have accidentally walked into these simple yet deadly contraptions.

WAYA’ is our way of preventing poaching by snares and protecting wildlife further.

Our signature pieces are handmade by women directly related to rangers in Kenya- making your purchase one that not only supports rangers families, women empowerment and community enterprise; but also one that ensures the endurance of wildlife in Africa for future generations.

Our unique pieces are accentuated by a leaf-shaped charm made with real snares recovered from anti-poaching operations all over Kenya.

We selected the leaf as a symbol of life, to give hope to Africa’s wildlife and their heroes, the rangers.