Ulinzi Africa Foundation is a registered non-profit in Kenya under Reg. No. CPR/2014/145451 that aims to work with rangers in order to protect Africa’s natural resources.

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Rangers remain the last line of defense not only for elephants but all of Africa’s wildlife. Despite risking their lives to protect our precious natural resources, their welfare isn’t well looked after; some earning as little as $2 a day.

Aside from the threats from poachers and wildlife, lack of adequate access to basic needs, amenities, and equipment, this is a job unlike any other with a whole set of underlying challenges beneath the green uniform.
It is a tough and thankless job, having to work from dawn to nightfall, and sometimes even through the night if they find a poacher’s tracks.
With no weekends, no public holidays, no birthdays or even Christmas, rangers must stay away from their families for up to 11 months out of a year and what goes on at home while they are away is enough to shake any man.

At Ulinzi Africa Foundation, we believe that the key to keeping the African elephant wild and thriving is to safeguard not only the elephant itself but also its habitat and roaming space.

To do this, we must work closely with the Rangers, to empower them to be more effective in their work. Our vision is to empower African Rangers by offering both financial and technical support to help them in conservation efforts.

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility as Africans, to protect our wild flora and fauna whilst working together with inter-governmental representatives and bodies, as well as private, international and local supporters of wildlife.
Indeed, it is the only way we will then be able to enjoy the bountiful privileges of nature’s wondrous resources, together.


Africa is still a place of great wide open spaces and a myriad wildlife species to amaze and admire and, across that great Continent, Kenya stands out as sparkling jewel.

Despite a rapidly growing human population and related development pressures, Kenya is a magical country where, thanks to the efforts of many, including the Kenya Wildlife Service; over 30,000 wild elephant roam together with 2,000 lions, 1,000 rhino, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, giraffe and literally thousands of species of animals and plants.

Safeguarding a future for Kenya’s wildlife and the wild places it relies on for its survival is a massive undertaking, too great for any one entity – even the redoubtable KWS. That is why partnerships are so important.

That is why I am delighted to be the International Patron of Ulinzi Africa Foundation, a non-government organisation created by Raabia Hawa, one of Kenya’s new generation of wildlife leaders and, herself, an Honorary Wildlife Warden.

Raabia’s passion for wildlife and wilderness areas together with her compassion for the rangers and wardens charged with protecting threatened species and local communities who frequently share their lives with wild animals, mark her out as an extraordinary and visionary individual.

Her wider mission is to inspire all generations, but especially the young, to engage with and support efforts to protect wildlife and to secure the natural environments on which wild animals and many millions of people rely. Her more specific focus is the remote area of north-eastern coastal Kenya, close to the border with Somalia, where wildlife still abounds but where the rule of law is weak.

Together with the community rangers of Ulinzi Africa Foundation, the Kenya Wildlife Service and her supporters, it is Raabia’s intention to do everything possible to bring stability and community benefits to the often forgotten part of the country. Her aim is to ensure that when security in the region is once more established, as surely it must be, thriving wildlife populations will mean that opportunities for local people to benefit from the employment and development opportunities that come from carefully and responsibly managed wildlife tourism will flow once more.

I have seen Raabia in action. Her grit and determination are self-evident. Her commitment beyond doubt. The only thing preventing her from fully delivering her dream are the resources to turn that dream into reality.

So I ask one simple question – will you help Raabia? Compared to the huge sums required by others, she operates a lean, efficient and dynamic operation where every pound, dollar, euro or shilling goes a long way.

She will keep you informed of progress every step of the way, explaining the challenges, setting out the solutions and being accountable to you for your support.

But I am not just asking you to lend your support. I will put my own money where my mouth is by donating US$250 personally to Ulinzi Africa Foundation. If just 500 people worldwide did the same then Raabia would achieve her annual financial target. However, I know that this may not be possible, so whatever you can manage be it $100, $50 or even $25 will make a real difference to Raabia, Ulinzi Africa Foundation and some of Kenya’s most amazing yet vulnerable wildlife.

And if you are would like it go the extra mile then, every year, Raabia organises several Walks With Rangers, where you can join her on specially-created wildlife walks across some of Kenya’s most spectacular and wildlife-rich country – learning, experiencing and being inspired by Raabia who will walk with you every step of the way.

Kenya’s wildlife needs help. Ulinzi Africa Foundation and Raabia Hawa can bring that help. All they need is your support.

Join me and make a dream come true!

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Will Travers, OBE
International Patron Ulinzi Africa Foundation
Founder The Born Free Foundation
President the species Survival Network

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